Typical Gamer Fortnite Settings & Keybinds

Listed below are all the Fortnite settings & keybinds used by Typical Gamer.

These settings includes such things as all binds for building, in game video settings, and much more. Also listed here are all the gears and hardware used by Typical Gamer. These include such things as Typical Gamer's gaming chair, gaming mouse, keyboard and other important gear. Professional Fortnite players such as Typical Gamer often change and update their gaming setup, game settings and key-binds from time to time. So these settings may change often.

Typical Gamer Mouse Sensitivity

Mouse settings Input
Sensitivity X0.10
Sensitivity Y0.10
Scoped Sensitivity1.00
ADS Sensitivity1.00

Typical Gamer Building Keybinds

Building options Input
FloorMouse 4
Building EditF

Other Popular Fortnite Settings